Live Link, the newest product feature from My Ally, makes it easier than ever to schedule interviews without the pitfalls of manual coordination. And it does so in many more ways than one.

As a Candidate Experience Platform that’s reinventing how recruiters meaningfully engage job seekers, we prioritize product innovation and user experience from every angle. By making the little things about recruiting coordination simply unforgettable, we’re changing the way talent acquisition teams create a positive atmosphere for candidates.

Earlier this month, we shared a brief overview of Live Link and the features that make it worth leveraging. This time, check out these 5 amazing reasons why Live Link can change the way you interact with candidates during interview scheduling.

1. It works within existing time frame SLAs.

When you sign up for My Ally, part of the implementation process includes setting time frames for scheduling various types of interviews. You might restrict phone screens to 7 days and group interviews to 12. Whatever your choice, Live Link recognizes these limits and works to show candidates available time slots within those SLA-established time frames, depending on the type of interview.

2. It syncs with your calendars in real time.

There’s nothing more frustrating than double-booking two interviews, or setting up a one-on-one only to find that the interviewer has a prior engagement. My Ally syncs with interviewer and recruiter calendars to make sure this doesn’t happen. Live Link goes a step further, syncing with the relevant calendars before confirmation. So even if the interviewer added an appointment while the candidate was selecting that time slot, there’s no risk of double-booking.

3. It makes it easier to view and select time slots.

A good user experience begins with a simple, easy-to-navigate user interface. Live Link presents date and time options in a clear, organized format. And because they’re always presented in the candidate’s time zone, it’s much easier for them to know exactly when to be ready.

4. It can also be shared via SMS.

One of My Ally’s biggest strengths is our ability to adapt to the realities of the world we live in. Because so many candidates live a highly mobile existence, Live Link lets you send notifications via text message so that interviews can be scheduled on the fly. We’ve even built a mobile-optimized version of Live Link specifically for this.

5. It enhances the candidate experience.

By eliminating the risk of error that comes with manual or semi-automated recruiting coordination, My Ally and Live Link make it easier for your recruiters to provide a candidate experience that’ll be remembered for all the right reasons. By making the process smoother and quicker, you’ll create a strong first impression and ensure that candidates consider your company favorably.

Live Link makes life easier for candidates and recruiters.

With tangible advantages that make a positive impact on the speed, efficiency and friendliness of your company’s hiring process, Live Link is a considerable asset in the war for talent. Paired with a candidate-centric mindset, you’ll soon be winning candidates and influencing people to great effect.

For more information on Live Link, request a product demo.