From strategic opinions to unconventional takes on leadership, these five influencers will reshape the way you perceive and understand recruiting, HR and talent.

1. Uli Joos

Who: Head of Global HR Services at SAP

What: Unique takes on diversity, HR services, and putting tech into practice

Why: Having been at SAP for close to 20 years, Uli is one of the German enterprise’s leading HR leaders. He effortlessly connects technical and experiential knowledge to real-life scenarios, connecting imagination and practice like few others.

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2. Gerry Crispin

Who: Principal & Co-Founder, CareerXroads

What: Debates on transparency, bias and diversity in recruiting and HR

Why: With 40 years of experience in director-level roles at enterprises including Johnson & Johnson, Gerry is one of HR’s most experienced voices. His championing of candidates and employee-employer relations make him a favorite across the board.

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3. Meghan M. Biro

Who: TalentCulture Founder, Speaker, Author & HR Tech Evangelist

What: Authoritative opinions on leadership, recruiting and HR tech

Why: Meghan’s focus on talent acquisition and the future of work directly impact the HR and hiring strategies of organizations around the world. When it comes to staying ahead of the curve, few can match Meghan’s accurate forecasting ability.

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4. Jeanne C. Meister

Who: Founding Partner at Future Workplace, Contributor at Forbes

What: Innovative approaches to workspace optimization, future of work, and AI-positivity

Why: Jeanne is one of the industry’s most AI-friendly leaders and influencers. Her thoughts and opinions explore the benefits of machine intelligence, positive workspaces, and other highly relevant topics. Her latest book, “The Future Workplace Experience”, explores ways to master disruption in talent acquisition and engagement.

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5. Kris Dunn

Who: CHRO at Kinetix, Founder of HR Capitalist and Fistful of Talent

What: In-depth dissections of corporate values and home truths about human nature

Why: Kris’ writing style means his analysis of HR and HR strategy is interesting reading no matter what your profession. His injection of humor and examination of human nature make his opinions incredibly engaging, easily relatable, and highly persuasive.

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6. Lisa Lockwood

Who: Talent Acquisition Business Partner, ADP

What: Insights on diversity, strategic talent acquisition, work trends and more

Why: Lisa’s encouraging and uplifting style of leadership comes across seamlessly on social media. Her opinions on nurturing positive, productive workplaces are the highlight of her diverse opinions formed on the back of nearly 20 years in talent acquisition and HR.

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