As recruiters and recruiting coordinators begin to see and feel the multiple advantages of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the worlds of technology and hiring have never been closer than they are today. With so much development in both industries having occurred in 2018, it’s easy to say that we’ve come a long way. In truth, the journey is only beginning.

At My Ally, we consider ourselves fortunate to be at the confluence of these distinct yet overlapping worlds. One driven by science, data and logic; the other powered by emotion, social intelligence and humanity. A blend of science and art in the truest sense. The empathy that comes with being able to see the achievements of each field from the perspective of the other is humbling.

We’ve spent the last 365 days leveraging these new learnings to further refine our AI-powered recruiting solutions. They’ve helped us develop, refine and launch our Candidate Experience Platform and fine-tune our Recruiting Coordination Solution. As a result, we’re able to help recruiting teams find the time to deliver better candidate experiences than ever before.

Our unique position may allow us to be part of double the advancement and twice as many breakthroughs, but more important are the learnings from both sides of the fence: some driven by logic and others by emotion. This enables us to deliver a unique perspective that tempers the opportunities and hopes of one industry with the risks and concerns of the other, and vice versa.

And now with one eye on the future, we’re delighted to share our vision for the next year in AI and recruiting. Check out our secrets to developing a top-tier hiring strategies for 2019.