The world’s strongest teams count on ours.

We believe in a world where finding, hiring, and keeping great talent isn’t complicated. Where every Talent Acquisition and HR leader can set their organization up for long-term growth and success by building, developing, and retaining workforces full of A-players and difference-makers.

Who We Are

Developed for human resource teams at enterprise and fast-growing businesses, My Ally is the #1 Talent Lifecycle Management platform powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Giving complex organizations the tools to find, hire, and retain great talent is an ongoing process – and a challenging one. That’s why we always turn to our core values to continue delivering value.

  • Customers first. From developing a comfortable user experience to taking an active role in ensuring their success, our customers are at the heart of every action and decision we take.
  • One team. Whether it’s collaborating across teams or implementing user feedback, we’re all about working together to make sure our customers feel the value of using My Ally.
  • Grow together. A partnership with My Ally means we treat your success like our own. That goes whether you’re a customer, a vendor, or part of the crew.

What We Do

Today’s talent market is already highly competitive. Tomorrow’s A-players will be even more difficult to find, hire, and keep.

Businesses use My Ally to empower their HR teams to meet these challenges head-on by preventing missed opportunities, fostering talent engagement, and lowering attrition.

By harnessing the automation and AI that power our Talent Lifecycle Management platform, companies will be able to source, schedule, hire, onboard, and retain people who fuel business – quickly, efficiently, and at scale.

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