With talent teams being asked to hire more, better, and faster, high-volume tasks can get in the way of meeting those objectives. Never let great candidates slip through the cracks again with candidate interviewing powered by AI for quicker, more efficient hiring.

Interview & Hire top talent.

Create a hiring experience that matches your organization’s values, and that candidates will truly connect with. Discover new ways to delight talent, empower recruiters, and grow your employer brand.

  • Fully automated interview scheduling and rescheduling
  • Candidate assessments
  • Candidate experience survey
  • Interviewer prioritization and load balancing
  • Global calendar and time zone sync

Hire A-players using AI-assisted interviewing.

Meet Sky — your AI assistant to automate interview scheduling and manage calendars. Create a hassle-free candidate experience and hire the right people for every position using dashboard analytics.

  • Fully customizable AI recruiting assistant
  • Automated scheduling with time zone tracking
  • Integration with applicant tracking and HR systems
  • Live interview date and time selection for candidates
  • Activity Center shows all AI actions and events

Talent Acquisition streamlined.

Move great talent faster through the hiring pipeline, ramp up responsiveness, and make interview information easily accessible. Prime your workforce for productivity by engaging new talent ahead of their first day.

+ 75% faster time to hire
+ 5x faster candidate scheduling
+ 40% higher offer acceptance rate
+ Increased focus on quality of hire
+ World-class experience for a stronger employer brand

Automation vs. Control

Automation when you want it. Control when you need it.
Automation makes your business leaner, more efficient, and reliable. But when you need to take back total control of your HR processes, you need a solution that can deliver it.

Strike the right balance between automation and control, and give your HR teams the data they need to create more human candidate experiences with My Ally.

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