There are some moments that every recruiter remembers.

Your first hire. Your first rejection. The first time a rejected candidate asks you for feedback on how to improve.

And certainly, the first time you beat a rival company to a highly prized candidate.

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as being the first one to hire top talent, for both recruiters and companies alike. That’s exactly why, in today’s hiring environment, companies need to move faster to gain an advantage on the battlefield.

Quick processes mean higher-quality hires, a better candidate experience, higher acceptance rates, individual satisfaction, and hiring manager satisfaction.

Statistics show that hiring faster is better for companies. Once the very best candidates are available, they’re likely to be hired within 10 days. And if it’s not you, it’ll be one of your competitors.

So whether or not you agree that hiring needs to be faster, it’s difficult to argue against the numbers.

New Era, New Saying

As the old adage goes, “Hire slow. Fire fast.” But it’s a dated concept from an earlier time. Today’s world has ultra-high-speed broadband, artificial intelligence, and a host of other high-tech tools that make it easier than ever to hire great talent fast.

Yes, you still need to be thorough and conduct background checks. You just need to do it faster, and thanks to advances in technology, it’s possible.

Hire fast. Hire smart.

Formulating Plan A+

The first step to succeeding in hiring fast is to figure out who, what, when, where and why.

  • Who are your desired candidates?
  • What positions do you want to hire for?
  • When will you need them filled?
  • Where will you be assessing them?
  • How will that assessment take place?

Once you have a plan that covers which roles you want to fill and how you’ll assess candidates, you’ll want to kit your recruitment team out with technology that helps them do their job in record time.

Some of these tools with automate various parts of your hiring process so that candidates aren’t held back in the pipeline due to man-made delays or inefficiencies. Others will give you insights and metrics that identify leading candidates, or help eliminate time or location obstacles.

Two of these tools are My Ally – an AI-powered solution that fully automates the recruiting coordination process – and Glider, which saves time and helps you make better hiring decisions backed by data.

The Benefits of Moving Fast

You’ll get a significant boost to the success rate of your hiring strategy, for starters. According to this study, candidates really dislike lengthy hiring processes. Nearly 6 in 10 will pursue other opportunities or remain in their job when faced with them.

But that’s not all. Hiring faster leads to superior candidate engagement and employer reputation, which positively impact your hiring success. Around 69% of candidates won’t work for an employer with a bad image, even if they don’t have a job.

Companies in the US already have quicker time to hire numbers than their global counterparts. That means if geography is no issue, you can scoop up top talent worldwide sooner than local employers.

Learn all the secrets at our webinar.

Hiring faster might be simple, but it’s not easy. That’s why it helps to learn the ins, outs and nuances directly from the experts.

My Ally automates the entire recruiting coordinating process, giving you the time and freedom to achieve what technology can’t do alone. From interview scheduling to metrics, our solution is designed with recruiters in mind.


Glider helps you hire better candidates faster, backed up by data. Using artificial intelligence, GLIDER automates personalized candidate outreach, stack ranks top talent and turbocharges your interviews.