In the war for talent, nothing makes a statement quite like delivering a candidate experience (CX) worthy of the recruiting gods.

A staggering 83% of professionals say that a negative interview experience would make them reconsider a job they were previously open to, while 60% of job seekers have dropped out of an excessively long or complex interview process.

But creating a positive atmosphere and candidate experience isn’t something recruiters can do alone. As well as getting the buy-in of hiring managers and interviewers, it’s important to deploy the right technology.

My Ally’s AI-powered recruiting coordination solution is focused on helping companies deliver a first-rate candidate experience that’s quick, pleasant and error-free. It’s also infinitely scalable, helping you impress one candidate or one thousand with the same efficiency.

Now, we’re proud to announce the arrival of Live Link, the latest product feature in our CX-oriented recruiting coordination solution.

Live Link: An Overview

Designed to further improve My Ally’s candidate scheduling process, Live Link replaces the time slots currently used to set up all types of interviews, making it simpler for candidates to choose when they’d like to meet you.

Live Link syncs with your team’s calendars to send candidates a URL to a custom webpage, where they can select their preferred date and time based on interviewer availability.

Once a candidate picks their date and time, Live Link checks the interviewer’s calendar to make sure nothing else has suddenly come up. Once confirmed, everyone involved will receive an email with the scheduled date and time.

  • Requires virtually zero manual coordination
  • Triggers easily via your ATS
  • Works for any type of interview (phone, panel, etc.)

Strong First Impressions

With strong focus on CX, Live Link portrays your organization as forward-thinking, technology-friendly and people-oriented. Create value for your internal stakeholders and employer reputation by being recognized as a workplace that truly puts people first.

Smoother Workflows

Live Link manifests as a user-friendly web page where candidates can see all the details of their interview, including the date, time and location. This easy-to-read interface makes it easier for candidates to avoid human error when selecting their interview slots.

Quick Setup

The switch from time slots to Live Link is quick and simple. This can be triggered by editing the scheduling tags in your universal templates, allowing you to use Live Link when setting up any type of interview you already conduct.

Intuitive UI

Live Link web pages are custom-built for every company. Before using it for the first time, simply visit the Team Preferences section of your dashboard. Here, you can edit the color and logo candidates will see when they visit a Live Link page for open positions in your company.

No Fuss, No Error

As well as being easy to use for both companies and candidates, Live Link places great emphasis on leaving nothing to chance. When candidates pick a date and time, Live Link first double-checks the interviewer’s calendar to make sure nothing has come up in that short time.

Happy Candidates = Happy Companies

In today’s highly competitive hiring landscape, every interaction matters. Even though recruiters know this, getting everyone else who’s involved in the process isn’t always simple.

But when everything aligns, even growing businesses can compete with experienced competitors in the hiring arena. This is especially true when acquiring talent driven by purpose, culture and belonging.

So if a company truly is a reflection of its people, you have every reason to prioritize their happiness. That begins well before their first day on the job.

Watch this space and your inbox for further announcements on Live Link and other My Ally product developments.