My Ally, a startup that builds AI powered recruiting solutions,announced its new partnership with Greenhouse Software, the recruiting optimization platform. This integration will enable Greenhouse customers to automate their recruiting coordination completely using My Ally’s recruiting assistant.

On an average, the source-to-hire time in the US is 29 working days. Dragging recruitment process not only displeases candidates, but also adversely affects the company’s productivity. Of the various stages in recruitment, interview scheduling is particularly tedious for companies with high hiring volume. Studies suggest that it takes an average of three interviews before a candidate is finalized. Each interview requires the talent acquisition team to spend hours coordinating with the candidate.

My Ally’s recruiting solution integrates with the Greenhouse ATS seamlessly, offering a perfect solution to this pressing problem. My Ally’s conversational skill, indistinguishable from that of humans, is the result of Natural Language Programming and Machine Learning. Thanks to its state-of-the-art learning algorithms, My Ally schedules interviews with high accuracy and efficiency. By taking charge of interview scheduling, candidate coordination, and follow-ups, My Ally frees up the recruiting manager to engage in other challenging tasks. For high volume hiring requisitions, My Ally, integrated with Greenhouse, is a powerful revamp that recruiting professionals will love.

“We are excited about the partnership with Greenhouse and seeing our common customers unleash the recruitment efficiency with our technologies.” said Deepti Yenireddy, CEO and Founder of My Ally. “2017 is the year of AI in recruiting, and we are proud to offer the first solution that fully automates the interview process, including complex on-site interview rules, back and forth emails, conference room bookings and more. Our customers were able to free up their recruiting resources and reallocate manpower towards sourcing. As a result, they cut their time to hire drastically within days of implementation.”

Jason Kemp, Talent Agent at Outcome Health, has only praise for the solution. “Having My Ally integrated with Greenhouse ATS, allows for higher transparency and greater candidate care throughout the process,” Jason says.

“Quality engagement and speed are crucial to provide a superb candidate experience,” said Dane Hurtubise, Greenhouse’s VP of Platform and Partnerships. “My Ally enables our mutual customers to automate the complex process of interview scheduling and reallocate their time to focus on finding, knowing, and educating their candidates. We are thrilled that My Ally is joining our community of partners!”