September was highly rewarding for My Ally with three days in Las Vegas attending SuccessConnect 2019, the flagship HR event for partners and customers of SAP’s SuccessFactors software.

Our leadership team was delighted to get some invaluable facetime with some of our customers who use SAP SuccessFactors, and learn more about the challenges they face in sourcing, talent acquisition, and employee engagement.

These conversations are vital to shaping the way My Ally helps businesses innovate in HR and talent acquisition to deliver better talent experiences.

It was also a privilege for My Ally’s senior leadership to connect with HR leaders from SAP, such as CHRO Stefan Ries.

SAP CHRO Stefan Ries (L) with My Ally VP of Sales Carter Perez and CEO Deepti Yenireddy (R)

The Fortune 200 cloud software company championed My Ally (available on the SAP App Center) throughout SuccessConnect, highlighting us several times as a leading solution for HR and talent teams seeking to improve their talent experience and hire great people faster.

Another positive coming out of SuccessConnect is the enthusiastic, positive market sentiment toward our source-to-retain AI platform for Talent Lifecycle Management.

It was rewarding to hear HR leaders from several industries express their interest in our platform, validating our concept of single-source artificial intelligence — one company, one bot, one talent experience.

A secret fan sports some dapper My Ally apparel

On the final day of SuccessConnect, My Ally CEO Deepti Yenireddy took to the stage for her breakout session titled “AI-Driven Scheduling”.

Engaging a full house, Deepti highlighted mankind’s history of technological leaps and showed how HR is in the midst of one such leap with artificial intelligence.

Challenging employers to be on the winning side of this revolution, Deepti showed how global enterprises are already using My Ally and Talent Lifecycle Management to improve their talent experience, hire and retain people who drive business, and consistently come out on top in a competitive labor market.

It was also a pleasure to connect with our partners EPI-USE, the world’s largest and most experienced independent SAP HR/Payroll specialists. EPI-USE and My Ally continue to work together to help fast-growth and enterprise employers hire and retain great people.

Now with SuccessConnect in the rearview mirror, My Ally leadership returns their focus to our core goals: growth, innovation, and customer success.