Missing out on a great candidate sucks, but it happens even to the best recruiters. Your offer might not be high enough, someone else might be offering a shorter commute, or they might decide they don’t want to switch jobs after all. Whatever happens, it’s part of the game.

Missing out on a great candidate because of a scheduling mixup is unacceptable. Or at least it should be given we live in the digital age. With so much technology at your fingertips, there’s just no longer any reason to lose top talent to clerical errors.

There are several reasons why My Ally’s automation of interview logistics helps companies schedule and hire more efficiently. One of those is the attention we devote to on-point calendar management and time zone tracking.

Here are six ways My Ally uses its calendar and time features to take the burden of manual scheduling and calendar Tetris off recruiters and coordinators.

  • Sync unlimited interviewer calendars. As a recruiting professional, calendars are your worst enemy. Scheduling is fundamental to hiring success but manually tracking multiple calendars is error-prone, while getting interviewers to commit to a shared calendar can be less than seamless. With My Ally, you’ll be able to add as many personal calendars as required to the dashboard. Your virtual assistant will then be able to find when interviewers are available and allow candidates to choose suitable interview times, leaving you free to spend your time sourcing or preparing candidates.
  • Sync multiple holiday calendars. For larger enterprises and businesses with global employees, hiring activity can span several countries. One holiday calendar might not be applicable to everyone in the organization, which is why My Ally lets you upload as many as your company requires. The advantage of this is you’ll never see another situation where interviews are scheduled on days where interviewers are meant to be spending time with friends and family.
  • Forget about time zones. There’s nothing more disappointing than calling a candidate for a phone screen only to realize that you’re a couple of hours early – or worse, late. But when you’re on Pacific time and they’re on Eastern, it’s a very easy mistake to make if you don’t keep an eye on time differences. With My Ally, your virtual assistant presents availability and appointment confirmation to each party in their respective time zones. Which means no more last-minute firefighting or apologies to disgruntled candidates.
  • Leverage the crowd-pleasing Live Link. We’ve already talked about how My Ally syncs multiple calendars to find when interviewers are available. What we also do is present those available time slots to candidates via the user-friendly interface known as Live Link. This hyperlink, which is part of your automated emails to candidates, takes them to an easy-to-navigate page where they can choose a date and time based on interviewer availability and interview SLAs. That’s it – no more going back and forth about what time works for whom!
  • See it work in real time. All these features make life way simpler for recruiters and coordinators, but the best part is that your My Ally virtual assistant works in real time around the clock. That means no more popping in on weekends and holidays to make sure the process moves as quickly as possible. And with Live Link, you’ll benefit from multiple layers of confirmation as My Ally ensures that nothing’s been scheduled in an available time slot between when the candidate selects it and when they lock it in.
  • Enjoy the benefits! With My Ally looking after your hiring team’s interview logistics needs, it frees up 20-60% of everyone’s time to focus on more meaningful tasks. Recruiters will be able to devote more hours to sourcing higher-quality candidates and driving their productivity metrics, while coordinators will find themselves with significantly more time to help candidates understand and navigate the interview process.

Interview logistics might be a drag, but it’s a vital cog in the hiring process. And it’s got to be done right every time – no exceptions. The problem arises when you have dozens (or hundreds) of interviewer calendars to juggle, and when your talent pool is spread out across multiple time zones or continents.

Moreover, recruiters and coordinators are human after all. The high-volume and repetitive nature of the task compromises their long-term productivity, and increases their chances of making mistakes they normally wouldn’t.

With our solution you’ll be able to entrust administrative work – scheduling and rescheduling interviews, merging and tracking calendars, following up with candidates, etc. – to an AI assistant. It’s error-free, scales infinitely to any hiring volume, and requires one-time setup for all your templates and workflows.

Happy hiring!