When we launched My Ally in 2015, we had sweeping plans to transform the HCM industry with automation and artificial intelligence. Looking back, I’m in awe of the progress we’ve made. Our customers can engage more deeply with talent, and find the right fit faster. Our impact is now felt every day at some of the world’s biggest firms.

As we continued to improve end-to-end talent lifecycle engagement with AI, we found ourselves revisiting a familiar question: How can we do more? We soon realized the answer was Phenom. 

We’re excited to share that My Ally has been acquired by Phenom. I want to thank our investors for placing their trust in us, and working with us to make this deal possible. Every organization is facing unique challenges right now, but one thing is certain: Conversational AI and automation enable HR teams to focus on their most critical objectives, like creating meaningful interactions with candidates with the tremendous advantages of scale, speed and higher productivity.

We are ready to take our automation technology to the next level, and as the leader in Talent Experience Management, Phenom is perfectly positioned to do that. We’ll continue serving our customers with the same commitment, dedication, and purpose that they have come to expect from My Ally. Our combined platform can now scale to provide solutions for enterprise clients, where HR teams are often overstretched with many jobs to fill. Together with Phenom, we will ensure advanced automation and intelligence reach the companies that need it most. Every minute they save will be a competitive edge toward hiring the right candidate.

I am deeply thankful to my team who will be joining me at Phenom to continue to push boundaries in HR Technology. Phenom’s purpose is to help one billion people find the right job. It’s an audacious goal, and we were drawn to it from the start. Phenom possesses that rare, necessary boldness for true innovation, and we’re ready to join them as they continue revolutionizing the talent journey.