We’re delighted to announce version 2.0 of the My Ally app, featuring a completely redesigned interface and with greater emphasis on user experience!

Designed with users in mind, My Ally’s new app, My Ally 2.0 combines the best features of our previous version with innovative and thoughtful additions to your recruiting automation experience.

New Features (v2.0)

  • Metrics Overview: Get insights into the efficiency of recruiting process with stats on interviews scheduled, rescheduled and canceled; candidate pipeline time; and more
  • Enhanced Request Status Tab: Request Status has been changed to Assistant Name’s Inbox, delivering a more powerful way to keep track of interviews to be scheduled, already scheduled and canceled. Apply filters, sort by parameter and track your requests quickly.
  • More Efficient ATS Sync: With the ATS button always at the top of the app, t’s now easier to sync your ATS data with My Ally.
  • 10-Second Requisitions: Set up requisitions that need to be scheduled faster than ever with a vastly improved user experience. Super easy for experienced and new users alike!
    • Schedule candidates directly from the My Ally app.
    • Configure email templates as part of requisitions.
  • One-Stop Configuration: Instead of managing multiple tabs, My Ally now allows you to configure all settings for My Ally from one place.
    • Scheduling SLAs
    • Travel time SLAs for traveling candidates
    • Enhanced template configurations
    • Executive assistant for users

In Development (v2.1)

  • Additional In-Depth Metrics
  • Easier Template Management
  • Automated Candidate Reminders
  • Automated Interviewer Reminders

Existing users can check out all the new features by signing in here.