My Ally is excited to announce that we are now listed on European software titan SAP’s App Center as a preferred recruiting productivity solution for users of its SuccessFactors applicant tracking system.

This development reflects our ongoing commitment to helping SuccessFactors’ 47 million users find more time to focus on candidates and talent by automating the management and execution of interview logistics processes, including interview scheduling and calendar management.



  • Interview Logistics Management. SuccessFactors users can leverage My Ally to automate every facet of interview scheduling, from calendar management and time zone tracking to candidate engagement and follow-up. Sync and automatically track multiple interviewer and holiday calendars, create templates for your AI assistant to message candidates, balance interviewer load and more. Help recruiters and coordinators win back time to focus on sourcing, guiding and nurturing talent. 
  • Employer Brand Management. With My Ally for SuccessFactors, user experience is paramount. Customize your virtual assistant to be a member of your hiring team. Give it a name, persona, official email address and signature. Create messaging templates using language that reflects your organization’s values, conduct candidate feedback surveys and reinforce your company’s commitment to hiring top talent with an outstanding candidate experience. 
  • Performance Dashboard. SuccessFactors users will find My Ally a worthy partner in their quest for optimal efficiency. Use our performance dashboard to see an overview of multiple productivity parameters. Track individual recruiter and coordinator efficiency, see values for metrics like total reschedules and time to hire, identify top performers and process bottlenecks, and leverage predictive analytics to build a more efficient candidate pipeline.

My Ally is powered by a customizable AI assistant that automates numerous workflows such as discovering interviewer availability, communicating with candidates to schedule any and all types of interviews, and rescheduling events even at the last minute.

With its ability scale infinitely with any hiring volume and powered by natural language processing for human-like interaction, our solution enables recruiting teams to automate high-volume and repetitive tasks with error-free accuracy, giving them more time to deliver better-quality hires quickly.

SuccessFactors users can use the SAP App Center to schedule a demo to explore a bespoke solution that caters to individual business needs and hiring architecture.