Recruitment comes with its own set of challenges amidst the marathon of discovering and keeping up with the latest hiring trends. To take your recruitment efforts to the next level, you need the right blend of astute strategy and positive approach.

Companies across the globe are looking for ways to improve hiring efficiency, highlighting just how critical a role recruitment and staffing processes play in finding the right talent. It helps to tap an entire market, creating a pool of desirable talent qualified by thorough evaluation.

Comprehensive evaluation and thorough assessment are just two of the ways you can ensure that your company finds the required skill sets for increased efficiency and growth. The billion-dollar question is still ‘How do I improve my company’s hiring process?’

Check out these tips to help improve your recruitment strategies for a better hiring experience across the board.

1. Customization

Irrespective of your company’s industry or sector, the key to improve hiring efficiency at any organisation is customizing the process. Start by improving the candidate interview experience by personalizing questions to a specific role, or by mapping candidates based on their specific skill sets.

Each step of the process needs to be customized to suit the specific needs of the candidate and the profiles they’re applying for. But to achieve a higher candidate conversion rate, you’ll need to ensure personalization techniques feature alongside proactive sourcing methods and the use of modern technology, such as cutting-edge ATS software and AI tools.

2. Robust Hiring Strategy

To succeed in this dynamic yet talent-centric job market, recruiters have to develop solid hiring strategies. A robust gameplan usually involves relevant input from hiring managers, talent professionals, interviewers, HR and senior management. A few other steps to consider here include:

Accentuating the Positives

To improve hiring efficiency, your recruiting efforts should be based purely on a positive approach of finding the best talent.

Social Media Integration

In this age of technology, it’s crucial to deploy out-of-the-box recruitment strategies, such as leveraging social media to boost the search for potential candidates.

Working Efficiently

This one’s straightforward. You can increase hiring efficiency by being efficient yourself. That means small things like writing clear-cut job descriptions and screening with care.

3. Leveraging AI

With the emergence of new technologies and intelligent software capable of multitasking, the recruitment landscape is changing virtually every 24 hours. One such phenomenon with the power to change recruiting completely is artificial intelligence.

Tools like My Ally – the world’s only AI-powered Candidate Experience Platform for fully automated interview scheduling and recruitment coordination – can completely change the experience and improve hiring efficiency several times over. Infinitely scalable and error-free, My Ally is efficiency written in code.

Some of the other things AI can help your recruitment team achieve include:

  • Identifying candidates likely to meet the hiring manager’s criteria
  • Refining job description phrasing to attract diverse candidates
  • Automating time-consuming recruiting stages, like video interviews
  • Screening bulk resumes and social media profiles of candidates
  • Syncing multiple calendars and databases to speed up interview scheduling

4. Communication

Another important pillar in the process of improving hiring efficiency is maintaining transparent and consistent communication with candidates. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the success of a company’s recruitment efforts depends on strong collaboration with these stakeholders. A superb candidate experience begins with an open, informal, skill-oriented, inquisitive and knowledge-based culture.

5. Setting Realistic Timelines

With such high demand for the best talent paired with the rise of cloud workplaces, recruitment firms across the globe have more options than ever before. But finding the right performers for this scenario is no easy task, and it doesn’t happen overnight. Even for traditional office environments, it’s imperative to balance urgency with the need to set realistic hiring timelines.

Efficiency is as efficiency does.

A vetted and tested recruitment process ensures that companies find the right candidates, but it also means immediate as well as long-term growth due to lower attrition rates. While these tips are a great starting point, the key is test multiple practices to find what works best for your company. And that will be your golden ticket to recruiting efficiency.