As businesses everywhere gear up for the challenges of finding, hiring, and retaining great talent across the next decade, HR leaders are being tasked with transforming their people and processes to meet these new challenges.

Gartner ReimagineHR 2019 in Orlando presented My Ally with the ideal stage on which to release the first single-source artificial intelligence platform for Talent Lifecycle Management. My Ally’s source-to-retain platform gives enterprise and fast-growth companies the tools to discover, hire, onboard, and retain great talent faster by automating talent engagement from end to end.

Talking transformation

Our executive leadership engaged with the insightful presentations by Gartner’s team of expert analysts, including Jason Cerrato whose session “From Talent Acquisition to Talent Engagement and Systems of Record to Systems of Action” showcased the growing “right hand/left hand relationship” across HR technology solutions.

Gartner’s Jason Cerrato on stage at ReimagineHR

During his engagement with ReimagineHR guests, Jason went on to highlight My Ally as a leading solution for HR leaders who want to use AI to create value for their organizations.

Among the other high-impact talk tracks from the conference were internal mobility and the “Rise of the Internal Talent Marketplace”. Gartner analysts noted how traditional recruitment and succession processes are no longer agile enough to cope with changes in work, the rate of technological development and change, the spontaneous emergence of new jobs, and a more educated workforce staying in work for longer.

Automation of the manager experience also resonated with Gartner delegates, with much of the focus on improving manager productivity and effectiveness by automating tasks such as time off requests, succession planning, new employee onboarding, absence management, and performance monitoring.

The role of artificial intelligence

With diversity & inclusion and candidate quality featuring among the list of HR priorities for 2020 and beyond, artificial intelligence is increasingly being deployed to hit targets, find high-quality candidates, and design fair and objective hiring workflows.

AI amplifies the effectiveness, productivity, and career growth of talent acquisition and people teams by enabling them to curate winning experiences for candidates or employees. My Ally’s platform goes a step further.

At Gartner, HR executives reacted enthusiastically to our single-source AI — Sky. Instead of relying on point solutions that aren’t built to work in unison and don’t share data, My Ally’s platform integrates your existing HR technology stack, and allows human resource teams to manage workflows and transform experiences across the talent lifecycle — from requisition to retirement.

Powering the talent lifecycle

Another highlight for My Ally at ReimagineHR was when our CEO Deepti Yenireddy took to the stage with Coca-Cola’s Global Director of Business Integration Max Just to discuss the topic “Harnessing AI to Power the Talent Lifecycle: Applying Artificial Intelligence from Source to Retain”.

My Ally CEO Deepti Yenireddy with Max Just of Coca-Cola

If you want to join the increasing number of businesses leveraging My Ally’s artificial intelligence platform, request a demo from our website.