When it comes to making life easier, technology has come further in the last few years than we imagined. That’s due in large part to the stratospheric rise of artificial intelligence as a tool designed to complement human awareness, creativity and empathy. Recruiting is one of several industries currently benefiting from considerable advances in AI technology, especially in the realm of improving efficiency and output.

While the selection of tools available to professionals today is immense, many recruiter-focused products market themselves as “AI-enabled” or “powered by AI” when in reality, their application of automation technology is rather limited.

On the other hand, My Ally is the world’s only fully AI-enabled solution for complete automation of the recruiting coordination process, complete with metrics that identify recruiter performance and operational bottlenecks.

My Ally doesn’t rely on a few simple Python scripts and decision trees. It listens to you, learns from you and works with you to streamline your hiring processes. The result is shorter time to hire, lower cost per hire, quicker candidate pipeline times and enhanced employer branding.

Here’s more about the industry we work to improve and what sets us apart.

Automation in Recruiting

Like many jobs, being a recruiter balances moments of pure joy with its fair share of tedium. In between networking with top talent and playing a key role in business scaling, there’s a fair bit of digital paperwork that needs to be done.

That’s the boring part of being a recruiter and until recently, it was something recruiters couldn’t avoid. Thanks to My Ally, it’s now possible for professionals to remove those time-consuming tasks from their to-do lists altogether.

Some of the tasks My Ally automates for recruiters includes:

  • Scheduling interviews with candidates & interviewers
  • Rescheduling with everyone at the last minute
  • Booking conference rooms, including negotiations with holders
  • Following up with interviewers for feedback on candidates
  • Pushing approved candidates into the next stage of hiring

Full vs. Semi

Semi-automated tools run on decision trees – a set of ‘if’ commands that still require recruiter input. They don’t allow you to step back and focus on bigger things.

My Ally uses technology that learns what you want it to say and do, and then gives you the freedom and peace of mind to step back and focus elsewhere.

With our fully automated solution, you can:

  • Schedule interviews 5x faster than usual
  • Reduce candidate pipeline time by 75%
  • Save 30% on your cost per hire
  • Get back 20% of your time spent on coordination
  • See data-powered insights into your hiring process

Natural Language Processing

With the use of Natural Language Processing, My Ally understands and picks up speech patterns, phrases, industry terminology and other language components to replicate human communication. The result is that many candidates can’t even tell that they’re speaking to an AI program.

Machine Learning

Like the rest of your team, My Ally gets better with experience. By living on your company’s email domain as it interacts with candidates and internal stakeholders alike, it learns what it should say and do, and acquires behaviors that make it as much a part of the team as anyone else.

Human AI

Designed to replicate human speech patterns, My Ally combines conversational intelligence and contextual information to accurately schedule and manage your interviews with a degree of communication that feels natural and reassuring.

Several of our customers have even had candidates appearing for in-person interviews ask to meet the recruiter who set things up.

No Error, No Fuss, No Fatigue

Human recruiters tend to make the odd mistake, especially when dealing with high volumes of repetitive work like setting up interviews. Additionally, such tasks tire the mind faster than one imagines. As a machine, My Ally can perform all your administrative tasks at 100% error-free rates.

Complement, Not Replacement

Semi-automated recruiting coordination solutions aren’t what AI was intended to be. In removing one layer of recruiting coordination, they simply add another. It might be a simpler layer, but it still requires recruiter time and effort, meaning it’s not 100% error-free.

On the other hand, My Ally fully automates the entire process from top to bottom, and assures you of the error-free success rate that only comes with true AI technology. This not only leaves you with time to focus on more important tasks, but peace of mind while doing so.

Which means that My Ally’s solution is designed not as a replacement for recruiters and recruiting coordinators, but as a powerful tool that intelligent professionals can use to improve productivity, output and performance.

Why micromanage another computer program when you can use ours to outperform the competition?